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It has been our privilege to serve the needs of area families since 1939. We realize that in Vermont, there is no requirement that you use a funeral director or funeral home provided merchandise, or that you conform to a set of pre-determined packages or options. We recognize the value of family involvement in any portion of the death care and funeral process, and will do our best to make sure that our charges are an accurate reflection of the duties you specifically ask us to perform.

WE ARE FAMILY DIRECTED AND HOME FUNERAL FRIENDLY. We are happy to assist you and will only charge for those services or merchandise that you require of us, whatever they may be. We also feel a responsibility to be a source of free information and advice, and are happy to do so, even if that is all you require of us.

At Day's, FUNERAL PREPLANNING DOES NOT REQUIRE PREPAYMENT. Prepaying your arrangements is strictly optional. If you wish, you can record your wishes with no payment due until the arrangements are fulfilled in the future. ALL PREPLANNED CREMATION ARRANGEMENTS AT DAY'S INCLUDE NATIONWIDE COVERAGE AT NO EXTRA COST. This is an excellent option for folks who Winter away from Randolph, those who do a lot of travelling, or who are former area residents with burial property in Vermont.

With over 100 combined years of experience, we have the knowledge to skillfully and compassionately meet any request - no matter how large or small.

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